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  Easy Ride Shoulder Perch with Gray    

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2006 Pinnacle Award 
Most Exciting Bird Product

  Easy Ride Perch pouch "Burgundy"    
  Paw Porch with Dog    

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  Gator Jaws Club Guard    






  Gator Jaws Club Guard

  Protect Your Expensive Golf Clubs and Bag with Gator Jaws!


Golf equipment theft has become big business. A set of golf clubs can easily cost over $3,000 and they are easier to steal than a $200 bicycle! According to the Insurance Institute of America more than $200 million in claims are made against stolen golf equipment annually.

Now you can
attach your bag to the bag rack, to the cart, while stored in your garage or in your vehicle and take comfort in knowing that no one can steal your bag or your clubs. When you close and lock the jaws in place, the Jaws form narrow channels that prevent your clubs from being pulled out of your bag.

The strong steel security cable can be attached to any fixed structure. Thieves cannot jerk and run with your bag or your most expensive clubs.

  Gator Jaws on Club Rack

When traveling through airports attach the security cable through the bag handle. This will protect your expensive Driver, Putter or Wedge from being taken out of your bagIf you live in a golfing
, now you can travel around in your golf cart and not worry about someone stealing your valuable clubs or bag.

  Gator Jaws Package

The Gator Jaws Club Guard is designed to fit most all golf bags and it can be conveniently stored in your bag when not being used. Each package includes a sample combination lock !!


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Height:                          14 inches
Width:                           8 inches
Depth:                           1.25 inches
Weight:                        15 ounces
               Patent Pending






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